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Heart Disease Symptoms – Unwelcome Visitors

Coronary heart disease symptoms can show up when you least expect it. Often, they won’t go away, but you can help control them.

The effects of heart disease symptoms can be devastating. They can kill, they don’t forgive, they don’t have preferences, they can attack anyone, and they can destroy families. And I know …

Looking back, I never had the wonderful experiences of fishing, hiking, going to the cinema or just simply playing around with my dad. No, he suffered a massive heart attack coming home from work one day. I was 18 months old! He also left two other children, both older than me, and his loving wife. Our lives were dramatically changed in many ways.

Coronary heart disease symptoms can show up when you least expect.

My father was a man full of joy, certainly no worries of heart disease or those “silly” symptoms … he didn’t even know he had any!.
He was a chef in a fancy downtown restaurant, he could always be heard singing in the kitchen and often clients would order him drinks. He was a smoker, needless to say he enjoyed his food, never took any exercise and basically was slowly destroying himself until his day came. No turning back, no goodbyes. He just left us.

Well, that was many years ago; Back in 1962. I have dedicated many years of my adult life to learning about just what the heart is, what it does, what happens when it goes wrong, what can be done to put it right and most important of all, how to look after it. A while ago I worked for a world famous cardiology association for several years and my main line of business today is also in the field of medicine. Not only have I gone into depth in this subject for personal reasons, I have also started my own company as well. I take my health seriously. Do you?

Some interesting things to remember:

  • Heart disease symptoms can be controlled
  • A correct diet can help reduce the effects of heart disease and the problems it brings
  • Most people can reduce their cholesterol without too much difficulty
  • Regular exercise won’t only help your heart, it will make you feel better, too.
  • I hope you will find what you're looking for on our site, if not we invite you to search the internet. If it's out there, you'll find it ...


    I want you to know that I’m not a registered cardiologist. I am just a normal person with a passionate interest in being heart healthy. A person that suffered a tremendous loss at an early age because of heart disease, and I want to make sure that your children one day in the future won’t be stimulated by personal loss to follow the same road of studies that I have taken. This web site is dedicated to helping you save yourself and your loved ones. Don’t ever take the risk of getting, or aggravating, heart disease symptoms lightly.

    Saying that, it is natural that what I say mustn’t ever take the place of the advice that your doctor gives you. However, if you think that your doctor isn’t giving you the best advice and attention available – change! There are many doctors out there, most good, others not so good, but you can choose.

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