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A cardio exercise program should consist primarily of aerobic training. When you exercise at a steady constant pace without becoming exhausted or totally out of breath, you are probably doing aerobic movement. A good exercise routine does not necessarily mean jumping and dancing around a gym, in fact walking, jogging, cycling and swimming are all good aerobic workouts and thus excellent cardio exercise.

Did you know that when sedentary men start an exercise program they generally improve their HDL levels on average by 4.4 mg/dl, if they burn off at least 800 - 1000 calories per week. The good news is that Studies have clearly shown that for every one-milligram rise in HDL, the risk for developing cardiovascular disease falls by 2 to 3 percent.

The Benefits of Cardio Exercise & Aerobic Fitness

The benefits of regular exercise and aerobic fitness go far beyond weight control. People who take part in regular exercise programs, of one kind or another, have leaner muscles and stronger bones than people who do not. Moreover their hearts are more efficient at pumping blood. Active people are slimmer, have lower blood pressure, higher HDL “good” cholesterol, are less likely to get diabetes or osteoporosis in later life, and in general can expect a longer life span than people with a sedentary lifestyle.

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A good cardio exercise program should go hand in hand with a healthy well-balanced diet for overall heart health. In this section of our website we will look at the various types of workouts for general and heart health, time needed, techniques, advice on purchasing home equipment, heart rate and calorie expenditure and much more. Please come back frequently as this section of our site is regularly updated.

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