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Children cholesterol: Is it is possible for our kids to have high blood cholesterol levels? While very few children have it, about 90% of them have a parent with elevated levels.

Children's Cholesterol on the rise

Unfortunately there is something similar to an epidemic happening with our children today, obesity and diabetes are becoming dangerously common among school age children. This is due to poor diet, and sedentary lifestyle, with time this modern lifestyle can only lead to problems with cholesterol levels, too.

It is important to check a child's cholesterol profile, or level, if a parent has high cholesterol or if there is a family history of early heart disease. The best course of treatment is to make family-wide changes in diet and exercise habits. If you eat hamburgers and watch television all evening, so will your children. Also, it is best to start these habits at an early age. A doctor may prescribe medication to children older than 10 years of age if changes in diet and exercise have not had a desired effect. Only a doctor can tell if medication is needed. Remember that the two words Children Cholesterol are increasingly being found together. Let's face it, that old saying rings true "you are what you eat". I remember reading somewhere that you don't need to be an expert on nutrition to be an expert. Try this little test:
On one dish place a fried egg, a sausage or two, ketchup and french fries. Serve with coke. On another dish place a mixed salad (lettuce, tomatoes, red peppers and walnuts) dressed with olive oil, and a grilled salmon steak. Serve with a glass of water. Now stand back from the table and look at the two dishes you've perpared. Can you see which one is healthy and which one isn't? If you can't, you'd better buy some good health insurance.

Younger people can't readily see the difference so children cholesterol is something that we as parents should watch.

If we want to help make sure that our kids don't suffer from diabetes, heart disease and stroke in later life, lets keep an eye on our children's cholesterol levels now. Before it's too late. What kids learn as children they often remember all their lives. This is also true with healthy eating habits and exercise.

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