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Below in our Cholesterol FAQ, are some of the most common questions regarding cholesterol. Apart from looking through the FAQ, please consult the dedicated area of our site where you will find more detail about certain cholesterol issues. Just select the menu button to the left of your computer screen. If you would like to find more detailed information on this subject and other heart saving topics visit our e-Store.

What is cholesterol?

Are there different kinds of cholesterol?

What is high cholesterol?

What is hypercholesterolemia?

Can children have high cholesterol?

How is my cholesterol measured?

When should I have my cholesterol checked?

What are triglycerides?

Red yeast rice and high cholesterol

C-reactive protein or high cholesterol?

Chocolate and heart health: another cholesterol myth?

What is atherosclerosis?

What are high cholesterol numbers, lipids, LDL and HDL?

Want to know the cholesterol content of 100s of different foods?

What should I know about home blood cholesterol test monitors before buying?

Cholesterol control herbs - fact or fallacy?

What is Ischemic heart disease and silent ischemia?

What is atherosclerosis?

Are there combo pills to combat high blood sugar and cholesterol for diabetics?

What is the NHLBI's view on long term cholesterol monitoring?

HDL Cholesterol - Add years to your life and save your heart for free - Part 1

HDL Cholesterol - Add years to your life and save your heart for free - Part 2

HDL, red wine and heart disease - What is the truth?

Cholesterol, blood pressure and soybeans. Can soy products really help?

We've all seen the publicity, but can ldl cholesterol be too low?

Cholesterol lowering statin drugs - is too much of a good thing bad?

Heart disease and prevention - two things to consider seriously p>

Reversing Heart disease - cholesterol is only part of the problem

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