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Diabetes Statistics

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Today’s diabetes statistics paint a very gloomy picture. Sixteen million Americans – approxiamtely 6% of the population, have diabetes. The tragic thing is that only two-thirds have been diagnosed. It is estimated that almost 90-95% of all diabetes cases can be attributed to Type 2 diabetes, or adult onset diabetes

The Diabetes Statistics That You Should Know About

Diabetes is the leading cause of end-stage renal disease (ESRD), adult blindness, non-traumatic lower-extremity amputation, and impotence. Heart disease and stroke are two to four times more common in people with diabetes. Why then do so many people not even know they have the disease? If it is so terrible, how is it possible that people are unaware of its presence?

The answer is simple. Until the manifestation of complications, type 2 diabetes is asymptomatic, meaning it has no real symptoms to talk of.

Recent evidence has shown that the complications of diabetes can be greatly reduced in severity, if not totally prevented, when people with diabetes control and monitor their blood glucose, blood pressure and weight, keep tight control of cholesterol levels, participate in frequent exercise, and quit the habit of smoking.

In fact many people with diabetes also have high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and are over weight, if not obese. Reducing these factors can greatly reduce the complications associated with diabetes. Dont be a number added to the tragic diabetes statistics. Take control of your life and live it to the full.

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