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Getting Your Life Back – And Living It To The Full (Volume I)

ebook, cholesterol hypertension diabetes e book The book that started it all. This popular eBook will walk you through many of the areas that are a concern to your heart's health. Ranging from simple diet measures, throught to hypertension, angina, cholesterol, diabetes and much, much more.

You’ll learn how to take care of your risk factors and make sure your children don’t fall prey to heart disease in later life.


  • That Fabulous Machine: The Heart & Circulatory System
  • What is Cholesterol? & How to Get it Down
  • What is Coronary Artery Disease?
  • High Cholesterol in Children
  • Do You Know Your Risk Factors For Heart Disease?
  • The Silent Killer & How To Defend Yourself
  • Treating High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes: Bad News For 22 Million
  • Diabetes & Our Children
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    What’s All The Fuss About BMI Anyway?

    bmi ebook, bmi e book

    A question and answer approach to understanding BMI (body mass index) and how to loose those unwanted pounds and keep them off.

    Not a simple diet book, far from it, this publication looks at things from a heart healthy point of view. From among the many interesting tips provided in this publication, you’ll learn how one simple approach could even add 5 years to your life.
    This eBook will walk you through the intelligent way to reducing weight, reaching your ideal "health zone" and getting your Body Mass Index to where it should be.


  • I’ve Heard About “BMI” or Body Mass Index, But I’m Not Really Sure What It Is?
  • Does This BMI Work For Everybody?
  • Are there other ways of determining if I’m overweight?
  • Okay, but just how do I calculate my BMI?
  • How Does BMI Relate To My Health?
  • I Have Calculated My BMI and Found Which Weight Category My BMI Matches. What Does This All Mean?
  • I’ve Heard Some Strange Things About BMI Are They All True?
  • I’m Feeling Ambitious. How Can I Measure My Own BMI?
  • What’s The Quickest Way You Can Show Me To Lose Weight And Get Fit?
  • I’ve Heard About Exercise And Diet, But Will It Really Work For Me?
  • Can You Show Me Some Examples Of Foods I Should Avoid?
  • I Lost Weight, But Why Can’t I Keep It Off?
  • What Is It, And What Can be Done About Syndrome X?
  • Is There A Kind Of Health Toolbox I Can Use?
  • Let’s Summarise It All On One Page!
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    Getting Your Life Back and Living it to the Full (Volume 2)

    Coming Soon

    The Second in the series of "Getting Your Life Back and Living it to the Full". This new book picks up from where Volume 1 left off.

    By eating the right foods you can add years to your life, reduce the risks of many unpleasant, life threatening diseases, and look and feel a lot better than you probably do now.
    You’ll learn how to get fit and stay fit by using an intelligent approach that will almost guarantee results – if you follow to the letter several very simple rules. There is so much useless hype out there and this book intends to tell you all you need to know, without sending you off to the gym for hours and hours and without starving you. Diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle really can add years to your life. Find out how today!


  • Eating Your Way to Longevity
  • Diet, Diet, Diet…
  • What is “Body Mass Index”?
  • Get Fit and Stay Fit
  • Lipids, Fats and Oils
  • Medications For A Sad Or Broken Heart
  • Putting it All Together
  • Your Tool Box For Reaching Your Goals