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Elliptical trainers have become one of the most popular machines for cardiovascular exercise. These trainers engage the legs in a movement pattern that combines the motion of stair stepping together with cross country skiing, providing a low impact workout. On an Elliptical machine, you stand comfortably in an upright position while holding onto the machine's handrails or ski-type bars and striding in either a forward or reverse motion.

What makes a trainer unique is the ability to offer a weight bearing workout that puts minimal stress on the joints. Your feet never leave the pedals of an elliptical trainer, thereby eliminating any impact in your workout. Whether you go forward or reverse, and regardless of the level of resistance, there is a reduced risk of injury from overusing any one-muscle group.

Smooth CE Elliptical Trainer

Smooth CE Elliptical Trainer

The Smooth CE gives you a total body workout, exercising both the upper and lower body. It is the most effective exercise machine to lose weight and get in shape. Cross training is a highly effective form of exercise for the entire body as it makes use of all the main groups of muscles and stimulates the metabolism. Through the innovative elliptical movement of the footplates, the Smooth CE elliptical trainer gives a unique and enjoyable feeling of weightlessness during your workout. The evenly balanced movement strengthens the legs, seat and hips without putting unnecessary strain on the joints. The movement of the upper torso is linked to that of the legs and strengthens arms, shoulders, chest and back. An accurately coordinated Magnetic Brake System with continuous adjustment of load resistance, ensures an almost complete absence of noise and allows training sessions to be monitored accurately. It comes with wireless heart rate control to optimize your workout. It has a space saving footprint (57"x22"). Maximum performance, minimum space. It is equipped with a large 48 lbs. flywheel mass provides smoothest elliptical motion in the industry. Warranty includes lifetime frame, 3 years parts including electronics, 1 year service.

Weight bearing exercises like running, hiking and aerobics benefit the body in ways that non-weight bearing exercises like rowing and cycling cannot. Weight resistant workouts build bone density and burn calories more efficiently.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, compared an elliptical trainer against a motorized treadmill, a stairstepper, and a cycle ergometer to see how the Elliptical machine compared with other modes of exercise. The study revealed no significant difference in oxygen consumption, heart rate, and calorie expenditure between treadmill running and the elliptical machine. Both the treadmill and elliptical device provided the test subjects with a superior workout over the stairstepper and cycle ergometer.

The University of Wisconsin's study also revealed that the elliptical trainer produced impact forces similar to those of walking, while treadmill running topped the list in greatest amount of impact compared to the other activities. Lead researcher John Porcari explains, "Since the ground reaction forces on the elliptical were less than half of those during treadmill running, this type of motion may provide a workout similar in intensity, but with less chance for orthopedic injury."

For individuals trying to burn calories and trim down, the weight-bearing arm/leg exercise optimizes energy expenditure during self-selected exercise of moderate intensity in overweight subjects. In recent studies it was concluded that energy expenditure among overweight subjects was higher on the elliptical machine than a treadmill, or leg cycles with and without upper body motion. For overweight individuals who are initiating a regular exercise program to decrease excess body fat, they will find that elliptical treadmills optimize energy expenditure.

The low impact, intensive cardiovascular workout of a trainer, such as the Smooth CE Elliptical Trainer is achieved through smooth and natural motion. The fluid, non-jarring motion makes the elliptical trainer ideal for anyone with back, knee, hips and joint problems. The dual action machines utilize both the legs and arms in providing a full upper and lower body workout.

Motion studies over the last decade show that the human foot moves through an elliptical pattern as we walk, run or jog. Fitness products that imitate and support this motion are the fastest growing new category of cardiovascular equipment.

With scarce time, a major factor in people's daily lives, total body exercise can be truly beneficial. A total body exercise machine meets three goals that are most desired - weight loss, time efficiency, and motivation. The most obvious advantage of Elliptical Technology is the lack of impact to the lower limbs and back. Unlike a treadmill in which the foot of the user is continuously lifted off of the running surface, striking that surface upon the return, the foot and foot pedal of an elliptical machine are in constant contact. Effectively eliminating impact, thus meaning safe for joints. Ideal workout for people with back, knee, hips and joint problems.

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