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Heart Disease and Prevention

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Heart disease and prevention. Most of us know that cholesterol can be a killer! As you are visiting our website, I imagine that this piece of information isn’t new for you.

People also spends millions of dollars every year on diets for reducing cholesterol, vitamins, herbs and other supplements. They spends hours working out and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Why? Simple: to reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

That said, why is it that one-third of people who are given drugs for high blood pressure or high cholesterol do not go beyond their first prescription.

heart disease and prevention drugs

Heart disease and prevention is so important …

Most of us realize that high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are both generally asymptomatic, meaning without symptoms. In many cases, if someone doesn’t have symptoms they may not realise there is a real need to take the drug and if the medicine has unpleasant side-effects, they may be tempted to stop taking it.

Some of the more common reasons why people stop taking medicines:

  • Adverse or unwanted side effects,
  • Cost factor (some medications can be very expensive),
  • Feeling that there is no need (no symptoms, means no drugs),
  • Many people are unable to swallow pills,
  • Forgetfulness
  • All of the above reasons can have terrible consequences on your health especially with regards to heart disease and its prevention. If your physician believes you require medication you should follow his advice. However, the best consumer is an educated one. You should learn as much as you can about your condition and the medications commonly prescribed for treating such disease (this isn’t only true for blood pressure and cholesterol). It is important that you can discuss both your illness and recommended medications with your physician. Our website has several articles concerning drugs, as well as a heart drug database.

    Another section of our website that can offer you lots of useful information for helping you get an understanding of your condition and then doing something about it can be found here.

    An educated person, in most situations, will generally make an educated decision. Get an edge on your health and take some time to learn about your condition. In many instances, with some dedication it is very possible to reduce the amount of medicine needed for controlling your cholesterol or blood pressure, and as a result heart disease. But never stop taking any medication before discussing your options with your doctor.

    Remember: people with high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol are more likely to develop coronary heart disease than healthy people. Age, excess body-weight and age are other factors than help determine your risk. Heart disease and prevention are two very important aspects of your health. Don’t take them lightly.

    For more information on this topic, you may also enjoy reversing heart disease.

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