What is high cholesterol?

How high is high? That brings us to the question “what is high cholesterol?” According to the American Heart Association, a total cholesterol level at or above 240 is considered a high risk level of suffering a heart attack. A total cholesterol level between 200 and 239 is considered borderline risk. A desirable total cholesterol level is one that is below 200. It is calculated that about two thirds of Americans are borderline.

For people who have diabetes or documented heart disease, it is important that the “bad” LDL cholesterol be kept well under control. It is clear that the higher your LDL cholesterol, the higher the risk. It is very easy to learn your cholesterol levels, simple readings can be taken at most pharmacy stores, home monitors are also becoming more popular and precise. However, for a more precise reading of your levels a hospital screening will be suggested by your doctor.

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